Tuesday, November 1, 2011

top 20 reasons to be in South Africa- wallpaper* november 2011

i made it into wallpaper magazine! a dream come true, cause i sure do like the magazine! but to have made it into their top 20 reasons to be in south africa and to be number 9! along with some of the best designers i know in the country! what an honour! thank you!!!


Photos Gallery said...

Very nice amazing Photos Gallery. Maza aagya.

Capey said...

Yes, awesome, congrats, I know what you mean - I read Wallpaper all the time, hoping for SA stuff, this is great.
Also, check out and support JUNGLEJIM at No 2 there - our only Pulp fiction magazine! Its new and it rocks!


Anonymous said...

cal: hey thats amazing and well deserved. well done!