Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the radest food blog i have seen in a long while: I am A Food Blog

this is just one of the amazing recipes on this blog- with winter on its way, i am in a serious stay at home and make (and eat) delicious food...and this blog is exactly the type of food i like to eat! plus the photographs and styling is super rad--- oh i am so excited! first attempt at rusks in the oven now.....may have put a wee bit too little sugar in, the bit i tasted tasted like bread but really nice bread with nuts and seeds. he he he vietnamese spring rolls-one of my all time favourite foods to eat!
and prawns, imagine getting them fresh off the boat!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


after moving nearly everything out of the back room to make space for my studio- i had some major re-arranging to do, and luckily had an un-used shelf in my room for a lot of my books!

new/old spaces

the display was my old display from the market, that ended up in pieces! so i fixed it and decided to keep it at the hosue, where it won't be exposed to the wind and careless handling!
nothing a sand, some glue, screws and some paint and a LOT of organising couldn't sort out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

top 20 reasons to be in South Africa- wallpaper* november 2011

i made it into wallpaper magazine! a dream come true, cause i sure do like the magazine! but to have made it into their top 20 reasons to be in south africa and to be number 9! along with some of the best designers i know in the country! what an honour! thank you!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

new stock for the new neighbourgoods market in jhb

the new market is opening tomorrow! so if you are in jhb and want to have a squiz... its at 73 Juta street, Braamfontein!
i have a sneaking feeling is going to be really good!!!

p.s watch out for these pieces in the october/november issue of wallpaper* magazine! (above)

crystal bar and copper plated chain

antique brass and african silver beads

brass, copper, crystals and oxidised chains! inlove with these things!

ps...all new things available in cape town too!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

blue sky

went to the beach today. this is how blue the sky was!

hmmm i really do like warm sunny days. feel like it melted away the edges of me. nice

rose cut rose quarts rings

for sale at the market, 1 left....
also have some lapis lazuli rings, star diopside, vintage japanese blue glass scarab ring... (only have one more glass stone left, so this one will be the 2nd to last one i make- but do have pink (rose quartsy) and green(blood stone immitation) vintage japanese glass scarabs....and am making the rings this week...will post soon...

i know i am not so good at posting regularly... but to be honest i find blogspot a little slow, and i am impatient i guess.....

today you guys are getting a multi post rush :) enjoy cause who knows when i'll post again ;)

baked apple biscuits

i think i made a lemon tart, it may have been another kind of tart, it was a while ago...and so the reason i am telling you this is that i had some left over dough in the freezer and some apples that were not i added them together and made these...
was rather nice, took them to the studio for tea the next day.

new jewellery

enamelled triangles.
shapes (geometric especially and patterns) are really appealing to me more and more. the more i use them the more i like them.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

house and leisure blog post

thanks house and leisure for the mention!
they like my coin embossed 'babushka' owls! hoot hot